Kuartam Part 7

Helen Pugh
1 min readSep 5, 2021


This legend comes from the Shuar people, who live in the jungle in the southeastern Ecuadorian Amazon. Generally speaking, they are brave and proud of their traditions and of the fact that they are one of a handful of indigenous groups who managed to resist both the colonising missions of the Inca and the Spanish.

To the legend, I’ve added dialogue and a few extra details, such as the intrepid wife’s name. Yanua means ‘star’ in the Shuar language.

- Creación de un museo digital interactivo sobre criaturas mitológicas, leyendas y cuentos ecuatorianos de diversas zonas del Ecuador por Martín Alejandro Sánchez Almeida
- www.orellanaturismo.gob.ec
- www.thisisecuador.com

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Thanks, or rather yupaychani as an Inca would say (or indeed modern-day Quechua, Quichua and Kichwa people)!

About the Author
Helen Pugh has long believed that it’s important to rescue historical women from obscurity and make sure that “herstory” is taught alongside “history”!

Her interest in South America and the Incas began in 2006 when she first went to Ecuador. Then, from 2011 she lived there for 7 continuous years, 6 in the Amazon Region and 1 in Quito.

Helen studied Spanish and Italian at University and has a lifelong passion for history, especially that of historical women who made history but have been sidelined.



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