An Inca Alphabet

Helen Pugh
1 min readJun 28, 2021

A is for Anawarki, Pachakutik’s wise empress.

B is for Beatriz, whose life was full of doom.

C is for Cusco, the empire’s first city.

D is for daughters, who worshipped the moon.

E is for entrancing dancers,

F for a fox’s friendship.

G is for glittering gold,

H for our heroines’ hardships.

I is for Inti, god of the sun.

J is for Jauja, where Francisca was born.

K is for kill, enemies beware.

L is for Lima, where Gonzalo was mourned.

M is for Machu Picchu, a city of clouds.

N is for Neo Inca State, a network of power.

O is for ocean, giving fishers their food.

P is for Pachamama, giving life to the flowers.

Q is for Quispe Sisa, a survivor of fire.

R is for rich, the conquistadors’ desire.

S is for Saramama, the mother of maize.

T is for temple, the place she was praised.

U is for underdog, these women unknown.

V is for vicuña, the elite’s wool alone.

W is for wall, perfect jigsaws of stones.

X is for expand, the empire’s direction.

Y is for Mama Yunto, the sagest of mums.

Z is for zero, of slaves they had none.



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